All of my recent publications are below (these are for personal use and downloading them may violate copyright law in your country).

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Davis, C. P., Joergensen, G., Boddy, P., Dowling, C., & Yee, E. (under review). Making it harder to ‘see’ meaning: The more you see something, the more its conceptual representation is shaped by visual experience.

Davis, C. P., Altmann, G. T. M., & Yee, E. (under review). Situational systematicity: A role for schema in understanding the differences between abstract and concrete concepts.

Davis, C. P., Morrow, H. M., & Lupyan, G. (2019, preprint). What does a horgous look like? Nonsense words elicit meaningful drawings. psyArXiv. doi10.31234/

Davis, C. P., Libben, G., & Segalowitz, S. J. (2019). Compounding matters: The P100 as an index of semantic access to compound wordsCognition.

Davis, C. P., & Yee, E. (2018). Features, labels, space, and time: Factors supporting taxonomic relationships in the anterior temporal lobe and thematic relationships in the angular gyrus. Language, Cognition and Neuroscience. 

Davis, C. P., Paz-Alonso P. M., Altmann, G. T. M., & Yee, E. (in prep). Encoding of episodic context in abstract and concrete concepts.

Ryherd, K., Davis, C. P., Yee., E., & Landi, N. (in prep). The role of language in two systems for category learning.